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ArCADia BIM basic modules

ArCADia LT 10

ArCADia LT (Light) 10 is a fully functional, easy-to-operate and intuitive CAD program that allows object-oriented creation of 2D building documentation and saving files to the 2013 DWG format. It is a basic graphic design tool for the construction industry in its broadest sense.

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ArCADia 10

ArCADia is a program supporting 2D and 3D design. Due to its operational philosophy and the same data saving format (DWG), it closely resembles the Autocad program. Basic tools of the ArCADia BIM system: COMPARING DOCUMENTS:This ArCADia tool enables the user to compare designs created in the ArCADia BIM system and to find the differences between them.

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The ArCADia PLUS 10 software has all the features of the ArCADia LT and ArCADia software and, in addition, is enhanced with the following functions: The option to create and fully edit ACIS solids. ACIS files are based on the block modelling format developed by Spatial Technology Inc. It allows for precise work on full solids, penetration, sums, differences, etc. File import and export in the SAT format.

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ArCADia AC is an extension for AutoCAD® 2014/2015/2016/2017 software to enable and communicate with ArCADia BIM base features. ArCADia AC also integrates all ArCADia BIM industry modules into one interface. It is a program specifically dedicated to the construction industry, so its basic functionality has many features to facilitate the construction industry project. It has features that make it easy to make CAD drawings, the program allows you to quickly draw multi-layered walls, insert window and door joinery, structural components such as columns, subfloors, ceilings, and supports the design of Teriva floor systems. Generates lists and lists of rooms with oversized for each floor and lists of used window and door joinery with symbols.

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